Triple Crown

Web Designer
Project Overview
The Triple Crown website is your online destination for fine arts, poised for future expansion into a physical store. Join us on this artistic journey as we aspire to bring the world of fine arts from the virtual realm to a tangible, real-world experience.
My Contributions
Throughout this project, I collaborated closely with the owners to envision and bring to life a fine art museum transformed into an online store. From the initial conceptualization phase to the momentous grand opening in the virtual space, my involvement spanned the entirety of this creative journey.
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Web Designer
May 2023 - Nov 2023

Welcome to the Triple Crown Art & Framing Online Exhibit! Immerse yourself in the exquisite world of fine arts featuring renowned artists like Robert Bateman, Todd White, and many more. Explore the gallery and discover the beauty that transcends canvas.


The inception of the Triple Crown Online Art Exhibit and Museum began with the owners approaching me to bring their vision to life. Tasked with not only creating the concept for the exhibit but also developing the logos and overall brand identity, I proposed a comprehensive business package. Collaborating closely with the owners, I delved into understanding their brand essence and business concept during thoughtful discussions, laying the foundation for this innovative online artistic venture.


During this phase of the project, our primary objective was to establish an identity that resonated with the entire team. We embarked on an experiment aimed at crafting a distinctive brand identity by generating a plethora of diverse concepts. As each member contributed ideas, the process evolved into a collaborative endeavor, akin to an elimination game, as we sifted through the multitude of concepts to refine and distill them into a cohesive identity.



Once all the assets were made, we put together a concept of what would become the Brand Identity we were trying to build for this company and its future. As this became more concretely laid out as the new brand's identity, the work to be done followed shortly after. Our first steps were to really clean up and polish the identity being presented. Triple Crown wasn't going to be a regular Online website,  It was setting out to be top-notch as a marketable identity and the logo needed to look the part.

Some of the colour explorative iterations are showcased below.

During the Concept phase, our primary focus revolved around establishing a cohesive brand identity that resonated with every member of the team. This phase seamlessly concluded as each team member contributed valuable insights, fostering a shared vision and ensuring collective satisfaction. Transitioning into the subsequent phase, our objective shifted towards materializing the conceptualized machine or product. Tasked with the challenge ahead, we diligently stuck to the parameters we had defined, moving forward with purpose.


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In this final phase our efforts resulted in the creation of a sophisticated website tailored to serve as an online retail platform, seamlessly integrating the assets we meticulously developed. Presently, the website functions exclusively as an online retail experience. However, our aspirations extend far beyond its current state. With ambitious goals set, we aim to achieve projected margins within the span of a couple of years, paving the way for future expansion into a brick-and-mortar storefront business.

Enclosed below is a demonstrative screen capture showcasing the homepage of our website.

For further insights into the evolution and progress of this project,
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