Game Design
Project Overview
This project was an early exploration of video game interactivity. The project was divided amongst a group of students who were tasked with making an interactive video game or application using a Leap Motion device. The theme and style of the project as well as the type of game, was left to the group to decide. The group decided on a side-scrolling video game where the player moves forward as UPDOG, a flying super-powered Corgi, using only their hand.
My Contributions
In this project, we each contributed significantly to the concept of what the game was going to be about. We ultimately knew that it would revolve around a leap motion interactive video game but worked to figure out what exactly it was to be about. In this project I came up with the main idea of a flying dog that would avoid being harmed by enemies. I also worked on the character concept of UPDOG himself.
The Challenge

- make interactive video game with the theme or topic of your choice.
Visual Developer
Jun 2016 — Jul 2017


In the original approach it was decided that the team would work with a cute design, something kid friendly. The idea originally began as a Corgi flying through space on a donut, but then evolved to include other animals as obstacles and eventually the donut was removed from the idea altogether.


At this point in the process, the team decided their roles and went forward working on what was decided and and assigned to each of the team members individually. The team came together with designs for a main character where my design was chosen.


Finally with assigned roles and a concept for our characters, the team decided on the title "UPDOG" for the game. At this point it was also decided to use alternate sketches of the protagonist as the villains in the game which came in the form of obstacles for UPDOG to get around.


The final design for the title character ended up using 6 frames (3 neutral, 1 up, 1 down, 1 dead) which were then used to animate the characters motion in the game. The rival characters were also similarly drawn, though they only needed 2 frames each.