Graphic Design
Project Overview
This project aimed to create a fictional work of literature based on a title provided through a random word generator. The purpose was to create an idea or concept to continue to work with. The project was then aimed to be completed by creating an animated book release poster. It required strong design elements as well as subtle ones, as the purpose was to create an ambient animation with a seamless transition upon repetition. The design needed to be created in a way that would allow viewers a simple take away of what the narrative could be about. It also required clean design and dynamic elements to keep the viewer interested in the novel.
My Contributions
I brought a lot of concepts to the table in an attempt to pull something tangible and actually marketable to this project. I also conceptualized a lot of different turn outs to this title but being a huge sci-fi and horror fan, I decided to make a Horror/Sci-fi Novel based on a Canadian group of astronauts that run into a hard time while on the moon. Though it wasn't asked of us, I also created a synopsis of the novel for more context and further understanding. I like the narrative aspect of the project and chose to create something that allowed me to showcase those skills.
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Graphic Designer
Apr 2015 — Mar 2016


In the initial stages of the project, we were made to use two words provided for us through a random word generator and then to create a narrative based on that concept. The words received were DEAD and MOON. I decided to create a horror/sci-fi story that revolved around team of Canadian astronauts.


After the completion of the narrative, the next steps were to create an image with dynamic design elements that would encapsulate the theme and topic of the narrative. In the image below is a depiction of the digitization of assets that would populate the book's poster.

This is the image that was chosen for the final concept. The process here was to first draw the picture that would be used to create the poster. The following step was to ink the picture so it was easy to pick up digitally. As you can see there were some parts of the image that were left untouched, this was done to add variant textures to the image.


In the conceptual portion of this project, I decided to create the image of one of the victims in the story, with moving elements surrounding a static image, to create an ambient, seamless effect. The pieces that were selected to be animated were the digital aspects of the astronauts chest piece, as well as the spinning shards of broken glass around the astronaut's helmet.

At first, the idea was to have the astronaut floating in dead space with the glass shards spinning but the design that was used allowed for some more animated components. One of the features I had originally over looked was this digital aspect of the astronauts chest piece.

Initially the plan was simply colour in some buttons and make it look a littler cleaner. After a couple changes were made the idea of a countdown inspired battery effect came about.

Though the thought process behind this was short and simple, the work that went into it was unexpected. The image would have to have its assets made and preset to then be exported to Adobe After Effects where it would then be animated.


In the final design the title and release date were added. The spinning glass elements were made to spin in opposite directions to create the optical illusion which stops either side from spinning upon focusing on the shards of glass.