Web Designer
Project Overview
Gotham Central comics is a brick & mortar retailer for all your comic and collectible needs. They're one of the biggest stores in Canada and had hopes of moving into the online retail world.
My Contributions
I helped bring this project forward into a new updated version of itself that met 2020 standards. The world was rapidly changing at the time and this business needed to get online fast.
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Web Designer
Nov 2022 - Present
Gotham Central Comics & Collectibles is a comic and collectibles shop in Mississauga and has been operating  for the last 12 years.


The mission was to establish an online presence for the store and it propelled me into a comprehensive overhaul of its visual identity. Initially tasked with a graphic design position, I embarked on a journey to craft and expand the store's brand assets from the ground up. What began as a focused endeavour to enhance the website and social media aesthetics swiftly evolved into a monumental undertaking encompassing all facets of the business's outward-facing identity. While the project's scope extended beyond its initial parameters, my focus remains steadfastly on the front end—designing customer-facing assets that resonate with the brand's ethos. Central to this approach was the revitalization of outdated assets and the cultivation of a strong brand identity that authentically represents the essence of the store.


The process of reinterpreting or reimagining the logo was a swift and decisive approach. Following a brief period of refinement, the logo underwent a polished transformation that garnered unanimous approval from the owners. Due to its inherent resonance and alignment with the brand's vision, extensive exploration was deemed unnecessary, allowing us to proceed with confidence in the selected design.



With the new brand identity solidified, our focus shifted towards refining and polishing the presentation of this identity. This phase unfolded seamlessly, marked by the meticulous crafting of assets that would b the foundation for building the actual website. With these elements in place, the subsequent stages of the project followed a straightforward trajectory. Our main objective transitioned towards populating the website with compelling content and breathing life into its digital presence. This iterative process seamlessly transformed the website into a vibrant hub teeming with engaging content, further reinforcing the store's brand identity.


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The culmination of our efforts resulted in the creation of a website meticulously crafted to serve as a seamless extension of the existing physical store, enhancing its presence both in the physical world and the digital sphere. Presently, the website stands as a dynamic online retail platform, enriching the overall shopping experience and expanding the store's reach to a broader audience. Since its inception, the project has experienced remarkable growth and shows no signs of slowing down. The website serves as a comprehensive resource, offering a wealth of information and services tailored to facilitate the initiation of an exceptional comic book collection.

Below is a demonstrative screen capture of the websites homepage.

For more information on this project and where it is today feel free to reach out at the email provided below.